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Kuwait is a small monarchy in Southwest Asia on the Persian Gulf.
The country is one of the world’s major oil producers; It is estimated that about 8 to 9% of the world’s reserves of this raw material are found in Kuwait.
It is a safe country with a low crime rate. Kuwait is considered the most progressive country in the Persian Gulf.

Detail Value
Surface area 17 818 km²
Capital Kuwait
Head of state Sabah al-Ahmad as-Sabah
Overall GDP 120,1 mld. USD
Number of citizens 4 420 110
of which % of foreigners 70 %
Points of interes
  • Kuwait’s towers are the most famous reservoir in the world, built in 1979.
  • The earth is completely flat – the highest peak measures 306m and is not named.
  • The Kuwaiti are a minority in their own country. It makes up only 31% of the 4.2 million people who live here
  • There are no rivers or lakes in Kuwait.
Open job vacancies in Kuwait


Net monthly salary: 3 500 USD

Fitness trainer

Net monthly salary: 3 000 USD

Consultant – Dermatologist

Net monthly salary: 9 800 USD