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    1. How long before I can travel to work abroad through your agency?

    It really depends on whether you meet all the criteria required by our partner facilities, in terms of your experience, education, your level of English, etc. The process normally takes 3-4 months from getting a job offer. We´ll be happy to provide you with more information on your options based on your professional profile analysis.

    2. Is there an age limit on getting a job abroad?

    Foreign hospitals prefer candidates between 23 – 50 years of age with a physical condition that enables smooth adaptation in a foreign destination. Exceptions can be made with regard to the specific work profile. Please contact our consultants for more information.

    3. No practice - am I still eligible?

    A minimum of 1,5 to 2 years of work practice for non-medical professions (usually calculated from the recent time period) are required by foreign employers. As far as physicians are concerned, the length of practice is calculated only after obtaining their certification in the relevant field and generally speaking, the longer the practice, the better. We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information and walk you through your options based on your professional profile analysis.

    4. Can I quit my job before the end of the contract?

    Yes, you can. The usual notice period is 90 days.

    5. Can I bring my family with me?

    The possibility is there. This will depend on your work position and destination. Nurses / physiotherapists usually have a contract that does not include or cover the entire family’s stay. Your family can come visit you anytime, though. Physicians or senior positions, on the other hand, can take advantage of the so-called “family contract” that allows them to bring their family along and have part of their family´s living costs partially covered by the employer.

    6. I haven't worked in health care in a while now, what are my chances of landing a job abroad?

    You´re only eligible to apply for a job in foreign healthcare facilities if your working experience in the medical field is from within the past 2 years.

    We´ll be happy to provide you with more information on your options based on your professional profile analysis.

    7. Can I travel with a friend / partner who is also a healthcare professional?

    Yes, you can. However, we cannot guarantee placement in the same partner hospital as it depends on the job profile of both candidates, current demand from abroad, successful completion of the job interview by both candidates, or other criteria.

    8. Do you offer jobs outside of healthcare?

    We currently recruit for healthcare only.  We also have to mention that foreign partner hospitals do not seek emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and nursing assistants

    9. Is Saudi Arabia safe for women?

    Yes! Saudi Arabia is going through many exciting changes and so is the position of women in society. As of late, women can drive cars or even take pilot tests. In any case, this country is completely safe for women. A lot of our female candidates attest that they feel safer in Saudi Arabia than they do in any European city. See for yourselves in the video provided by the King Faisal Specialist Hospital program director, an Australian lady, who has been living in Saudi Arabia for several years.

    10. How complicated is the administrative process? What documents do I need?

    The bureaucratic process is a very complicated one, therefore it is our trained consultants who will take care of all the paperwork for you.

    11. Do I have to arrange my job in the Gulf region through an agency? Why not handle it myself?

    Why would you? Candidates are not charged any recruitment fees plus Go Global Care does the homework and legwork for you. We thoroughly review all partner hospitals on a regular basis and pay personal visits to each of them every year making sure the partner hospital is carefully checked. Not to mention the fact that countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia are very bureaucratic and the procedures for getting a job and license consisting of many follow-up steps are quite complicated. Our team of consultants is professionally trained to guide you through the process and fast-track it for you while ensuring that all documents are in order and that you will obtain a visa or a local license upon arrival.

    12. Are there any recruitment fees for me to pay? If so, how much?

    Job recruitment is absolutely free, as well as our consultations and assistance. The candidate pays only for administrative fees, which may vary according to the destination and the extent of the services used.

    13. Can I get a job as a nurse at the ER/ICU with a completed paramedical education?

    No, unfortunately you can´t. Our partner hospitals require education in nursing and at least 2 years of practice in bedside nursing. Paramedical education and practice are not accepted in this case.