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    Saudi Arabia is situated on the Arabian Peninsula, where it takes up the greatest surface area. Most of the country is covered by deserts, which create beautiful scenes such as the Fata Morgana optical illusions, sand dunes and deep valleys with little villages and oases in between. The dynamically developing metropolis of Riyadh is the capital city, combining traditional architecture and modern features. These are represented, for example, by the Al Mamlaka Tower, a luxurious skyscraper nicknamed “The Bottle-opener”. The second largest city of Jeddah is renowned for its shopping centres, restaurants and beautiful beach resorts. Foreign employees make up approximately 32 % of the 29 million inhabitants in the country. Each Saudi-Arabian city boasts its own unique charm, characterised by the combination of a modern developing country and the exotic Orient.

    The Saudi healthcare market is considered to be one of the most advanced in the region. 80 % of the healthcare staff is made up of foreigners.

    Detail Value
    Surface area 2 149 690 km2
    Capital Riyadh
    Head of state King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
    Overall GDP 748,5 mld. USD
    Number of citizens 28,83 mil.
    of which % of foreigners 32 %
    Number of hospital beds 2.2 beds/1 000 citizens
    Average life expectancy 75 years
    Points of interes
    • In 2013, the construction of the Kingdom Tower was initiated in the second largest city of Jeddah. When completed in 2019, it will be more than a kilometre in height, making it the tallest building in the world.
    •   Saudi Arabia is the largest state without a river.
    Job offers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Consultant – Emergency

    Net monthly salary 8 900 USD

    Physiotherapist – specialist

    Net monthly salary 3 500 USD

    Head of Physiotherapy

    Net monthly salary 3 800 USD

    Charge Nurse – Male Medical

    Net monthly salary 5 400 USD