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    Bahrain is a small island kingdom. Thanks to its atmosphere, Bahrain represents a popular tourist destination for the citizens of neighbouring countries, especially Saudi Arabia, which is connected to Bahrain via a 27-km-long bridge. This is a very pleasant country in which to stay, with an open, multicultural approach and a high percentage of English-speaking citizens. Healthcare in Bahrain is at an advanced level, despite the small surface area of the state; there are numerous state and private hospitals, mostly employing foreign healthcare professionals.

    Detail Value
    Surface area 760 km2
    Capital Manama
    Head of state King Hámid ibn Ísa al-Chalífa
    Overall GDP USD 32.89 billion
    Number of citizens 1,332 mil.
    of which % of foreigners 55 %
    Number of hospital beds
    1.8 beds/ per 1 000 citizen
    Average life expectancy 79 years
    Points of interes
    • Bahrain is the first Arabic state in which oil was discovered.
    • Bahrain is very tolerant towards other religions, and therefore you will find Catholic churches as well as synagogues here.
    • 92 % of the total surface area of Bahrain consists of desert.
    • In the middle of the desert, where there is no water, a “Tree of Life” has been growing for 400 years already. Every year, over 50 000 admirers visit this tree. The local people believe that the “Tree of Life” is growing on the site of the actual Garden of Eden. The Bedouins, on the other hand, believe that this tree was blessed by Enki, the mythical God of Water.
    Job offers in Bahrain

    Consultant – Orthopedics

    Net monthly salary 10 600 USD

    Midwife incharge

    Net monthly salary 3 315 USD