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    Qatar is a modern country situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It offers a relaxed atmosphere with countless leisure time activities. The country is surrounded by sea with kite-surfers soaring above, and locals riding on water scooters below. In the heart of Qatar, there are golden sand dunes, which represent a popular tour destination to the inland. Doha, the capital city of Qatar, attracts visitors with its wide bays, sandy beaches, luxury hotels and large shopping centres. More than ¾ of the citizens are foreigners. Healthcare is managed by the Supreme Council of Health, which is responsible for maintaining the quality of the public healthcare system at an international level.

    Detail Value
    Surface area 11 586 km2
    Capital Doha
    Head of state Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
    Overall GDP USD 213.1 billion
    Number of citizens 2 123 160
    of which % of foreigners 78 %
    Number of hospital beds 1.2 beds/1 000 citizens
    Average life expectancy 78 years
    Points of interes
    • Qatar boasts the most vehicles per km2 and the most dense road network in the world.
    • Fuel is so cheap in this country that two cappuccinos from the American Starbucks café chain will cost you more than a full tank of petrol.
    • Qatar will host the World Football Championship in 2022, for which they will build 12 ecological stadiums with the capacity of up to 80 000 spectators.
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